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Bringing HV Electrical Testing to Your Door

GTS has recently launched a new service that brings testing to your door, dramatically reducing the time expensive equipment is out of service. The specially kitted out GTS mobile testing van has been deployed to the Pilbara region, where clients can now have equipment testing which used to take up to a week, completed in one day.

Meet the new GTS mobile testing van – designed to offer faster, more convenient high voltage equipment testing with less downtime.
The specially kitted out GTS mobile testing van has been deployed to the Pilbara where it has been kept busy from day one.
"The new GTS mobile testing van has been a resounding success because it has solved a very real problem for mine sites,” GTS Director Craig Greentree explained.
“The savings in downtime, and the associated costs around that, are staggering. For example, bucket truck compliance testing used to take the unit out of service for up to a week. With the GTS mobile testing van, this has now been reduced to a day.”
Mr Greentree said there were hurdles to overcome in setting up the mobile test van due to the sheer weight of some of the test gear.
“We came up with the idea of using a wheelchair lift to load and unload the 200kV insulation test unit. To complement this, a marine dinghy hoist was also fitted to take the heavy lifting into safe hands. After some careful engineering, the prototypes were installed and proved to handle the job perfectly,” he said.
Powering up testing equipment can sometimes be an issue onsite, so the mobile van has its own 10kVA generator. This is also used to air-condition the vehicle and provide a comfortable workplace for the technicians.
What can the GTS mobile testing van do?

The GTS mobile testing van is set up to perform the following tests onsite at contract competitive rates:

  • Bucket Truck Compliance Testing
  • HV Glove Testing
  • High Voltage Operating Equipment
  • High Voltage Clothing
  • Portable Earths
  • Taplin Meters
  • Modiewarks
  • Insulating Sticks
  • Multimeters
  • Contact Resistance Meters (Ductors)
  • Insulation Resistance Testers (Meggers)
  • Portable Earths
  • LV Kit
  • TBS 132kV
  • Hydraulic Hose
  • Helmet
  • Glove CL 3-4
  • Glove CL 00
  • Clamp
  • Live Stick
  • VRD
  • Hipots
  • Protection relays
  • kWh Meters
  • Circuit Breakers

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